Land Solutions

Our Land countermeasures are designed to protect every type of armored vehicle to defeat laser- and IR-guided missiles.
Backed by 40 years of unrivalled expertise, Lacroix is capable of developing and producing systems (Detection - C2) and a large range of ammunition (from multiband smoke screen to crowd control). 
The Engineering Department boasts over a hundred highly qualified engineers and technicians to design the most effective, reliable, state-of-the-art, safe and expendable land countermeasure systems and ammunition.
We offer a comprehensive, passive self-protection solution for a range of land vehicles. The system includes threat detection, situation analysis and appropriate reaction to ensure defeat. Various modes are available: fully manual or automatic, stand-alone or fully integrated, single-use or communicative, retrofit or installed on new generation vehicles.

A wide range of ammunition is provided: unrivalled multiband smoke screening, crowd control, AP effects, training, etc.
Our vehicle self-protection solutions are used in numerous countries, in current theaters of operation and on various types of vehicles.