A B O U T    U S
Lacroix offers a complete range of services and solutions.
  • INNOVATION, DOABILITY ANALYSIS, PROTOTYPING, & EXPERIMENTING to create exceptional value through using the most advanced pyrotechnologies.
  • CONCEPTION, DEVELOPMENT, MANUFACTURING & QUALIFICATION in conformance with the highest standards of the field, with national and international regulations (FRANCE/MINDEF/DGA/NATO, EC, ..), and with ecodesign standards through a lean development process
  • STORAGE, REPACKAGING, AUTHORIZATION, RE-MARKING & DELIVERY of any quantity, anywhere, to provide a tailored solution for external logistics of pyrotechnic products
  • INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, REFURBISHING, TRAINING & EXPERTISE concerning pyrotechnic products in use

Lacroix is backed by over a hundred engineers and technicians as well as a large network of partners, scientists and technicians. Our significant storage capacity and transport means ensure a full service solution to external pyrotechnic logistics.

Lacroix is located in Southwestern France.


  • 1100 hectare protective perimeter (a Technological Risk Prevention Plan is in effect)
  • 28 workshops (pyrotechnic, assembly, mechanical machining and testing equipment)
  • 1 tunnel and 1 High Speed track to carry out measurements
  • 29 depots and warehouses
  • 300 ton storage capacity of pyrotechnic compounds
  • 1 firing range